'In recent years, Elis Vermeulen has focused on creating large installations, working primarily with organic materials whilst the incorporation of ‘hard’ materials also punctuate her works. Photography, study and travel is seen as part of her practise.

Locations are often the ‘raison d’être’ for certain works, it is the space or land that inspires the piece. In hopes of providing the viewer an alternate experience, a different dimension, positive or negative, but always thought provoking.

Sometimes she searches for spaces that would suit her work, so she can give these spaces a different interpretation, sometimes the space is there first and then she gives it an extra dimension which gives the viewer a positive, different view, though sometimes it evokes annoyance because she takes away which ever way you experienced or though you would experience that space.

Her installation work and land based work have been featured in newspapers, online sites, German magazine, Australian artwear publications,Her circleezine, Artcloth text, Decreet magazine, Larks publications,HAND/EYE magazine,Radical fiber art, Taide magazine a/o magazines, catalogues.

Observation by Giel Louws, Visual artist.
A text about Elis’ work can only be given with hesitation. Just like Elis herself, her work is ‘un-wordy’. Her work is not a theory, it is practice. As a viewer you should approach it that way, you work with the installations. Sometimes literally in action, sometimes metaphorically in shaping thoughts.

It is a relief in this day and age to flee from too many texts and explanations. Must everything be explained, and afterwards be understood. Elis Vermeulen ’s work makes you ask this question and after that, makes you answer it.'