Study. Earth, Books & Travel.
Start of art-project 'Tracing it back'. A work in progress which explores what happens when we follow the line back.

"Pose a question' 1.1 - 31.12 Group art project Ruimte Caesuur. NL
Illegal act first.
Projects' Work in progress- exhibit, Jan 21 - March 5
Exhibit 'Where I my sisters.' April 29 - June 6

-Study earth, books & travel.
-'Pose a question.' Group action.
-Writing in print, summer edition Filzfun.

-Study & books, earth, woods and travels.

-writing; Australian Artwear publications no 12, 2014 feature and interview 'Ethics and Inspiration' with Vilte Kazlauskaite and Andrea Graham.

- October 13 'Open' Studio exhibits @ Kipvis.

- October Beginning of series of teachings.

September 2014 -
Start of a study period.

On June 28, Jane Green from Spain will arrive in the Netherlands for her working period with Elis Vermeulen in the GKV for the Confluence exhibit. (NL) and we are now looking for people with large tattoo artwork, for a photo shoot at the GKV.
The photos of this collaboration will become part of the Confluence exhibit.
If you are interested in participating go to mpzeeland (here)


exhibition at the GKV starts with Vermeulens' solo exhibit followed by separate collaboration projects where Vermeulen will be working with three international artists in this cultural space;
-From June 15- Zuz (Be.)
-From June 28- Jane Green (Esp.)
-From July 17 Caroline Schofield (Ire.)


april 2014 featured in Radical fiber art

2013, Collaboration project Ireland.

October 26 2013
Street performance ' The Moon-carriers.' @ night of the night.

July- October 2013Solo exhibit 'Building an installation' solo GKV NL.

-The Despite act is now online! More info.


April 2013
Teaching United States.

December 2012- February 2013 New Zealand.

issue 9/10 2012


'Retreating motion / Wave'.
The build of an art installation in The Heavy steel plate factory in Vlissingen.
Monumental art installation.


October 27. 2012
Performance 'The young analysts' at the ' Night of the night'.

August 2012.
Global burrow project in Denmark and Sweden.

April 2011.
The Global Burrow project is now online
Click here for more info.

Exhibit Kipvis presenteert; SPRING. Artist collective.
May 18-26 2012.

April 2012 Collaboration and AIR Endangered studio's, Ireland.

February 2012. Global burrow project in Finland.

-2011 and beyond

Nov/okt Duo exhibit with C. Apolonia Revolution 100.000 etc Gallery. Middelburg.
Okt-3rd ww FeltUnited dag
Sept- Teaching in US
Sep/Ok -Global Burrow project in US and Canada
Sept- Light projection in Art container Houtkade Vlissingen. Org cultuurwerf
Sept- Exhibit Drukkerij Middelburg
Sept- UIT! Installation. Polderhuis , org Nico Out.
Juni- Global Burrow project in Sweden
Mei- Piece selected for ‘Air’ Salon Gran Format in Mexico
Mei- Global Burrow project in Spain
Mei- Global Burrow project in Ireland
Apr- Global burrow project online
Mrt- Moved to KipVis collectief studio, www.kipvis.com
Feb- Start Global Burrow project, http://globalburrows.wordpress.com

Dec- Zeeuws Museum aquires 2 pieces.
Dec- Material grant SBKM
Nov- Solo show Zeeuws museum.
Nov’10-11 Exhibit ‘Ons dagelijks brood’ Zeeuws museum
Okt- 2nd ww FeltUnited day
Okt- ExhibitDrukkerij Middelburg
Sept/okt Exhibit art wall Zeeuws museum
Aug- Teaching US
Jun- Group land art expositie Wachtebeke België. 'Waiting'
Mei- Solo Installation. 'Do not watch the waves' in Abbey Middelburg
Mrt- 1st price Stitch apart Manchester US
Mrt- Duo exhibit court of law Middelburg

Okt- Exhibit Drukkerij Middelburg.
Sept- Prologue Kerab
Sept- Group exhibit De oude viltfabriek Amersfoort.
Jun- 3rd International Triennial Textile exhibit Szombathely Hongary. (werk aangekocht)
Apr- Founded FeltUnited. 'The International FeltUnited day' with C. Reynolds (Nor)
Apr- Kerab group exhibit
Feb- Revolution 100.000 etc Galery
Feb- Exhibit Koewacht.
Feb- Duo exhibit Covra

Sept- Exhibit Historische garden Aalsmeer.
Jun-- Group exhibit Drukkerij Middelburg, part of DVW
Jun- Group exhibit Gemeentehuis Terneuzen, part of DVW
Jun- Group exhibit Watertoren Axel, part of DVW
Jun- Group exhibit Churchillhotel Terneuzen, part of DVW
Jun- Land art Project Dijken van wijven, Zeeuws Vlaanderen.
Mrt- Solo GHL, De gedachtengang. Middelburg

Dec- Prologue Het bunnyproject van Bentall en bommelje. Willem 3. Vlissingen.
Okt- Feltworkshop for blink and visualy impared, visio Goes.
Sept- Duo exhibit Caroline Passenier, Kipvis (1st setting Sint Laurens)
Aug- Land art exhibit 'Kunst op de Koekoek' Etten Leur.
Jun- Teaching workshops
Jun- artproject exhibit Het Bunnyproject van Bentall en Bommelje, Willem 3 Kazerne Vlissingen.

teaching workshops

2006-2001different classes

In writing, www, news.
2014 Australian Artwear publications no 12, 2014 feature and interview
2014 Krantenartikel 'Confluence exhibit'.
2014 Radical fiber art.

2013- PZC artikel GKV.

2012- Het Decreet, nr 9 cover.
2012 Nieuws item Zeeuwse omroep

2012 Article VK over 4de ww FeltUnited dag
2012-newspaper article Nico Out.

2011 Her circle Enzine interview.
2011photo’s in Dutch Felt door Ellen Bakker.

2011In 500 FElt Objects, Uitgever Larks US
2011 Article in Fiberarts tijdschrift.
2011In Catalogue Internacional de arte Textile Mexico.
2011 Article in HZG
2011Global Burrows in Viltkontakt, magazine Netherlands
2011Global burrow project in online edition Handeye magazine.
2011Global burrow project in Viltkontakt nr 36 magazine
2011DNWTW in uitgave Viltkontakt nr 34 magazine
2011Newspaper article
2011Article Feltmakers Ireland.
2011Text viltkontact. NL magazine
2011Article uitgave Spin & verfkr.
2011Article in Her circle Enzine. US

2010Catalogue Onderweg 2010, LOArtFV
2010In book; Beelden in Oranjezon 2008-2010
2010 Article about Feltunited in Hand/Eye magazine.
2010Tv interview ctv
2010Online article at Poplar Gallery
2010Cover,en article in Feltmatters, Feltmakers association UK
2010Article in Viltkontakt NL magazine
2009Catalogue 3rd triennial of textile art, Hungary.
2009 Article Shelters, Taide Magazine Finland
2009 different articles about Feltunited, online and in Fiberarts ea.

2008In booklet; Grenzen 2008, Dijken van wijven

2007 newspapers

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Times piece by Elis Vermeulen 2012
Times piece.: Times piece by Elis Vermeulen 2012